Kurashiki Mameshiba Cafe

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A place of healing... where you can play with shiba-inu dogs in a nostalgic Japanese space!

“Kurashiki Mameshiba Cafe” is a dog dafe in Kurashiki’s Bikan historical quarter, dedicated to shiba-inu dogs. Eda-mame, Sora-mame, and mameshiba dogs of other other “mame” names number 13 in all (as of Nov 2018), and offer joy to all that visit. Considering how shiba-inu dogs are a Japanese breed, the cafe interior is decorated with tea tables, old Japanese TV sets and cabinets, and tatami flooring.

The building also has “Kurashiki Hedgehog’s Forest, “Kurashiki Owl’s Forest,” and “Bengal Cat’s Forest,” so you can enjoy the company of many different animals. (You can get discount tickets to the other spaces by visiting Mameshiba Cafe)

Detailed information

Phone number
Kurashiki Irohani Alley 2F, 1-1-7 Chuo, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
How to get here
About 600 meters away from Kurashiki Station
Operating hours
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Days closed
Parking space
Adults, 780 yen (middle school and up)
Children, 580 yen (ages 4 to elementary school; guardian accompaniment required)
Children less than 3, free (guardian accompaniment required)
Discount tickets to the "Owl's Forest," "Bengal Cat's Forest," and "Hedgehog's Forest" available

Last updated Oct. 15, 2018
* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are also subject to change.