Fukiya Furusato Village

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An entire town dyed in “Bengara” red! Travel back in time to an exotic world!

Fukiya Furusato developed as a mining village between the mountains at the Kibi Kogen plateau. The entire village is unified in a brownish-red color: the color of the “Bengara” colorant. Normally, it was used to bring out a red color in pottery and lacquerware, but its properties extended to deterring insects, rot, and rust. Above all, it was a beautiful color, so it was used to paint the buildings. The unified appearance of the town is the result of pottery merchants trying for a unique look. The nostalgic Bengara hue will no doubt add a unique splash of color to your trip.

Detailed information

Phone number
(Takahashi City Nariwa-cho Tourism Association, Fukiya Dept.)
Fukiya 838-2, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture
How to get here
○ By Japan Railways
Via the JR Hakubi Line: Okayama → Bitchu Takahashi / One-way: 840 yen, 50 min. → From Bitchu Takahashi Station, take a commuter bus to Fukiya

〇Via Chugoku Expressway Niimi Interchange (Example)
Niimi Interchange ⇒ (National Route 180 for 5 km) ⇒ Shoden ⇒ (Prefectural Route 33 for 12 km) ⇒ Sakamoto ⇒ (Prefectural Route 85 for 3 km) ⇒ Fukiya

〇Via Okayama Expressway Kayo Interchange (Example)
Kayo Interchange ⇒ (National Route 484 for 13 km) ⇒ Takahashi City ⇒ (National Route 180 for 12 km) ⇒ Kodo (left turn) ⇒ (Prefectural Route 85 for 10 km) ⇒ Old Nakata Residence (left turn) ⇒ (Prefectural Route 300 for 0.4 km) ⇒ Uji High School (right turn) ⇒ (Prefectural Route 435 for 0.9 km) (right turn) ⇒ (Furusato Farm Road for 6 km) ⇒ Fukiya
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