Shizutani School, a historical site

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Red Bizen ware roof tiles stand out in every season! Don’t miss the sight of lit up Chinese pistache trees!

Shizutani School was built in 1670 by Ikeda Mitsumasa, lord of the Bizen Province, as Japan’s first school for common folk. Not only did Shizutani School see the education of many of Japan’s talented leaders through history, it’s esteemed as a cultural asset, has a lecture hall designated as a national treasure, and on a whole has many buildings included amongst Japan’s Important Cultural Assets.

Shizutani School is also surrounded by vast nature, with flowers for each season and spectacular autumnal colors. In the fall foliage season, the area is lit up every night.

Detailed information

Phone number
Shizutani 784, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture
How to get here
Taxi: 8 min. from Yoshinaga Station
Taxi: 15 min. from Bizen-Katakami Station
Car: 15 min. from Sanyo Expressway Bizen Interchange
Car: 5 min. from Sanyo Expressway Wake Interchange
Car: 1 hour from Chugoku Expressway Mimasaka Interchange
Operating hours
9 AM to 5 PM
Days closed
Dec. 29 to 31
Parking space
(Free) 500 spots
Admission fee: Adults 400 yen, Middle schoolers and younger 100 yen Ages 65 and above, 200 yen
Group discount (parties of 30 and up): Adults 320 yen, Middle schoolers and younger 80 yen
* Nighttime light-up starts in November every year

* Last updated Oct. 15, 2018
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