Ujo Togenkyo

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The jet-black Okayama Castle looms in the darkness of night, wrapped in a mystical atmosphere!

Okayama Castle was built by Ukita Hideie, a daimyo lord during the Sengoku period. The black-lacquered boards of its exterior earned it the nickname, “Crow Castle (Ujo).”
The light-up event at the castle, “Ujo Togenkyo,” aims to envelop the castle in soft lighting, and extends up to the castle’s highest tower and surroundings. The event takes place during Golden Week and periods in summer and fall, combining paper lanterns, hanging lanterns, and candles for a Japanese atmosphere that can be sensed only here.

Detailed information

Phone number
086-225-2096 (Okayama Castle Office)
Ujo Park, 2-3-1 Marunouchi, Kita Ward, Okayama City
Operating hours
Active during Golden Week, Summer, and Fall
* All but the castle tower can be accessed for free.
Adults: 300 yen (240 yen), Children (middle school and below): 120 yen (100 yen)
* The discounted prices in parentheses are for groups of over 20 people
*Infants (preschoolers) have free admission Okayama Castle + Okayama Korakuen shared admission ticket for adults, 560 yen

* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are also subject to change.