Fuji Park

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Purple, white, pink... Around 100 varieties of wisteria flours form an inviting, otherworldly atmosphere!

This park has around 100 varieties of wisteria gathered from all around the country. Rows of Japanese wisteria, extending for a total of 500 meters, form a pathway that you can gaze up from as you walk on it. The wisteria flowers look best from late April to early May. When fully blooming, the flowers look like purple misty rain, forming an otherworldly atmosphere.

Detailed information

Phone number
Contact Us
Wake Town Hall Agricultural Promotion Office (0869-93-1126)
Fujino 1386-2, Wake Town
How to get here
(By car)
8 km / 10 min. from Sanyo Expressway - Wake Interchange
50 min. from Chugoku Expressway - Mimasaka Expressway
25 min. from National Route 2 - Imbe Higashi Intersection

(By train)
Approx. 4 km to the northeast from Wake Station arriving by JR Sanyo Honsen (Leaving Wake station)
* Taxi rides and bicycle rentals are available at the station (Available bicycles: 15 adult-sized, 1 child-sized)

Taxi: about 5 min.
From Wake Station to Fuji Park, about 1,400 yen
From Fuji Park to Wake Station, about 1,700 yen
*includes pickup fee

Rent-a-cycle: About 25 min.
From Wake Station to Fuji Park, 300 yen
Operating hours
8 AM to 9 PM 
* During the paid admission season, there is a light-up period No pets allowed
Days closed
Adults: 300 yen (*250 yen for groups of 15 and above)
Minors (up to middle school): 150 yen (*100 yen for groups of 15 and above)
*No pets allowed
Parking space
During the wisteria blooming season, admission fees to the “Wisteria Festival” are required. (Outside of this period, admission is free)
* The festival period is determined by the state of the wisteria flowers. This period is heavily affected by temperature and weather, and changes each year. Please check blooming conditions before coming to the park.

* Last updated Oct. 15, 2018
* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are also subject to change.

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