Chichibugahama Beach

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Make all sorts of poses for great SNS photos! Feel the sensation of walking in the sky!

Chichibugahama Beach can be found along the seas at the city of Mitoyo’s Nio-cho / Toasa, in western Kagawa Prefecture, on the Shonai Peninsula. At this beautiful spot, you can see the Setonai skies reflected in the flat shallows. The area is booming in popularity with tourists looking to take great pictures for Instagram. However, the surface only becomes a mirror for a short time each evening. When conditions are right (calm seas / wind), the remaining water in the beach shallows forms a mirror that reflects the evening sky.

Detailed information

Chichibugahama Seawater Baths / 203-3 Nio-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture
How to get here
・About 20 min. by car from Takamatsu Expressway - Sanuki Toyonaka Interchange
・About 20 min. by car from Takamatsu Expressway - Tosa Interchange
Parking space
Seawater Baths parking, 500 yen from July to August
Home Page
Mitoyo Tourism Association (JP)

* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are also subject to change.

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