Have Fun Clamming for Free in Okayama

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Amazing! you can clam all you want for razor shells and mud shrimp! It's an activity you can enjoy with the whole family.

It’s easy for beginners, too! Just pour some salt over a hole in the sand, and pop! Out comes a razor shell!

There are also tons of Japanese mud shrimp, the same kind that is sold under the “Otohime Shrimp” brand! See the thrilling chase between hand and shrimp, and a unique method of luring shrimp to the surface!

Have Fun Clamming for Free in Okayama

Detailed information

Tamashima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Takahashi River Estuary (Tamashima/Otoshima area)
How to get here
A 12 min. drive from Shin-Kurashiki Station
Recommended Periods
Razor shells: April to May
Japanese mud shrimp: June to August

* Last updated June 29, 2019