Trip to Megijima / Ogijima ③ | Setouchi Islands

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Living on Ogijima comes with the perk of great sunsets.

Our third island tour in Setouchi continues with Ogijima.

Mochi is invited to a drinking party only 5 seconds after meeting its host.

We head over to his house, lured by the prospect of free beer… err, a great sunset.

A fantastic view through the window of Setouchi bathed in red light awaited us.

Ogijima(Kagawa Prefecture)Living on Ogijima comes with the perk of great sunsets

Detailed information

Ogi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
A 40 min. trip by ferry from Takamatsu Port

[Ogijima Old-Fashioned Inn, Dorima no Ue]
Stay price: 13,000 yen per person per night with two meal "lifestyle experience" (before tax)
* Parties of one are 16,000 yen per night (before tax)

[Ogijima Kaisei Shokudo]
Turban Shell Rice, 600 yen (with tax)

[Ogijima Lighthouse and Museum]
Ogijima Museum
[Days Open] Sundays and Holidays
      Open every day from 7/1 to 8/31
      * May close for extreme weather
[Hours Open] 9 AM to 4:30 PM

* Information collected Feb. 2019
* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are all subject to change.

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