Trip to Megijima / Ogijima ② | Setouchi Islands

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The only place in the world! A cute melon you can place in your palm

Our third island tour in Setouchi takes us to Megijima.

Mochi has finally found where they grow the smallest melons in the world, but…

This time, we have one more island in store. We depart Megijima for neighboring “Ogijima”.

After only five minutes of being there, we have an astounding encounter!

Megijima(Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture )

Detailed information

Megi-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 〒760-0092
A 20 min. trip by ferry from Takamatsu Port

Electric bicycles rented for 1,000 yen each (with tax)
Available at Oni no Kan.

[Onigashima Oni no Kan]
Includes a ferry waiting room, cafeteria, and displays
Open 8 AM to 5:20 PM
Days closed: None
TEL: 087-873-0728

[Onigashima Cave]
Admission: Adults, 500 yen (with tax) Children (middle school and younger), 250 yen (with tax)

* Information collected Feb. 2019
* Prices, hours, holidays, and services are all subject to change.

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