Trip to Hitsuishijima Part 2 | Setouchi Islands

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At the "Momote Festival", we were supposed to wish for the success of our program, but...

Our second island tour in Setouchi takes us to Hitsuishijima.

Islanders recommend us some great views, like a summit at the same altitude as Seto Ohashi, and a place where the Seto Ohashi bridge is right above you!

At the “Momote Festival”, we were supposed to wish for the success of our program, but…

An unfathomable outcome awaits us!

Hitsuishijima Part 2(Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture),Momote Festival,some great views

Detailed information

Hitsuishijima, Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture

[How to Get Here]
From Kagawa Prefecture
Route buses, seven per day (six on weekends and holidays)
Depart from Sakaide Station → Yoshima → Iwakurojima (on Seto Ohashi) → Hitsuishijima (Hitsuishigakko-mae)

From Okayama Prefecture
Route buses, six per day
Depart from Kojima Station → Hitsuishijima (Hitsuishigakko-mae)
* Final bus not available on weeknds / holidays

[Kagawa Prefecture designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property "Momote Festival" archery ceremony]
Location: Oji Shrine
Date/Time: Last Sunday in January

* Information collected Feb. 2019

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