Naoshima Episode5 | Setouchi Islands

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A low singing voice reverberates! Meet Naoshima's singer!

An honest and direct island.

That’s why it’s Nao(direct)shima!

Part five of our visit to Naoshima!

Out on Mr. Akaba’s drive date, we suddenly ran into another man…

Turns out he’s the island’s lead singer!?

Plus, there’s a cafe on the island… where it’s said 100% of its employees marry while working there?!

Naoshima(Naoshima, Kagawa District, Kagawa Prefecture)Naoshima Cafe "Konichiwa"

Detailed information

Naoshima Cafe "Konichiwa"
Phone number
845-7, Naoshima, Kagawa District, Kagawa Prefecture
How to get here
An 8 min. trip by bus from Miyanoura Port
A 1 min. walk from Honmura Boarding Pier
Operating hours
Summer: 10 AM to around 8 PM

Winter: 11 AM to around 6 PM
Days closed
Number of seats
Parking space
Has coffee, soft drinks, spirits, light meals, desserts, and more.

* Last updated Feb. 22, 2019
* Prices, hours, holidays, and menus are all subject to change.

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