Saidaiji Eyo, Naked Festival The final chapter (The Shingi Competition)

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Men jostle about, creating an ocean of body heat!Then, the unthinkable happens to Miyatake and Andrew!

This is Part 3 of our introduction to the fun of “Saidaiji Eyo”!

For the final chapter, “Become the Lucky Man! The Shingi Battle”.

For the festival’s main event, two wooden sticks said to be imbued with gods

are tossed out to be fought over by over 1000 men!

The venue is overloaded with energy by the men and the viewers cheering them on!

As for Andrew and Miyatake… What?! How did this happen?!

Will either of them be able to recover one of the Shingi sticks?!

odd festival「Saidaiji Eyo, Naked Festival」The final chapter (The Shingi Competition)Men jostle about, creating an ocean of body heat!

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