Hinase oysters

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The Kakioko dish, filled with jiggly oysters, is a masterpiece!

Hinase-cho is a town that was merged with Bizen City, in eastern Okayama Prefecture. A visual feature of the town are the the rafts where oysters are cultivated, drifting on the ocean. Every year in late October, Hinase’s oyster season begins, and during the period between November and March, you can eat freshly harvested oysters. Every February, the city of Bizen holds the “Hinase Oyster Festival.” One of its premiere delights are “Kakioko,” okonomiyaki made with oyster meat.

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Gomi no Ichi
Phone number
801-8 Hinase, Hinase-cho, Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture
Operating hours
8 AM to 4 PM (or until stock is depleted)
Days closed
Wednesday (if Tuesday is a holiday, the following day)
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Free parking available
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