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Official Character「Monch」


Unstable, childish, selfish, and disobedient.
Likes laughter, excitement, surprise, and all things delicious.
Consequentially, Monch is quick to make wild demands of the earthlings he/she/it hired to gather information if their findings don’t appeal to Monch.
Noticeably weak-kneed to beautiful and/or kind women.

Speech Quirks
Frequently mixes haphazard Okayama dialect into speech, which was part of Monch’s linguistic programming back on Planet Fruitpunch. Tends to exclaim “Ponchino!” when sufficiently delighted or surprised.

On the planet Fruitpunch, every peachillion years (100 years on Earth), a new King of Kings is decided.
Planet Fruitpunch has many kingdoms: Peach, Banana, Melon, Strawberry, and more. All of their monarchs seek the King’s throne.
The title of King goes to the monarch who finds the most remarkable new information in the universe.

Thus, the leader of the Peach Kingdom dispatched his investigator Monch on a special mission to Earth.
Having learned Okayama to be the home of a fable about a boy being born from a peach (the legend of Momotaro), Monch begins a worldwide tour starting in Okayama!

With a team of part-timer earthling staff, they set out on a strange adventure!
How will their search for the most remarkable information in the universe fare?